Occupational Health & Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of your employees, visitors and tenants may require compliance with a myriad of different legislative requirements and it can often prove difficult for any organisation or individual to adequately assess and monitor their performance.

Getting procedures right can mean not only compliance and avoidance of litigation, but healthier, safer individuals that work, visit or live within your properties.
How we can help:

  • Working with you and your employees to provide or review your Health & Safety policies and procedures or your Environmental Management System (EMS) so that it is fully reflective of your business and the standards required.
  • Provide site audits and certification required by law (EPC’s, DEC’s etc.)
  • Provide General consultation on any aspect of health and safety or environmental management.
  • Assist with Housing Health, Safety and Rating System (HHSRS) activities.

Frankham Risk Management aims to improve the health and safety standards of every organisation we work with and to assist our clients to meet and exceed their own environmental objectives.

Access Audits

Access Audits are required to ensure recognition of the needs of disabled people and others wishing to work, lease and use the provision of services on a non-discriminatory level to the same extent as the general  population. Within these reports we consider the convenience of access to and use of the building for all occupants and visitors and not just those with identifiable disabilities.

We can help you to provide an inclusive environment and to allow Clients to understand whether they currently meet compliance guidelines as defined in the Equality Act 2010, and to recommend improvements, where necessary and aid the Client in any future planned works or improvements.

Consultation documents used when undertaking audits are as follows:

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • BSEN 8300
  • The Building Regulations