Principal Designer

Frankham boasts a dedicated team of experienced Principal Designers who have a wealth of experience across different sectors including healthcare, residential, commercial, entertainment and transport sectors.

As Principal Designers, we are adept at providing advice and guidance to the duty holders under CDM 2015 and other relevant legislation to ensure the project team achieves compliance.

Our key role within the project team is to ensure that the project is undertaken safely and in line with legislation, both in the design and construction of the project. We also work with the design team to ensure the safety during the use, cleaning, maintenance and eventual demolition of the structure. Our ultimate goal is to provide safety through the entire project in line with the CDM Regulations. This includes high levels of communication with the project team and the provision of advice to ensure that all duty holders are aware of their roles within the process.

Our services include all PD duties, specifically:

  • Production of Pre-Construction Information
  • Design Risk Reviews
  • Design Risk Register
  • Advice on design and risk in line with the Principals of Prevention
  • Health and Safety File