What is the risk?

Damage to environmental systems, injury to employees, contractors and visitors can occur through a large number of potential mechanisms.

What are the issues?

General duties are laid down within broad ranging acts such as the Health and Safety at Work act or Environmental Protection act, however the wide variety of regulations, approved codes of practice and best-practice guidance can make often effective QESH management extremely difficult to implement, monitor and review.

How we can help:

We work with you and your employees to provide or re-write your Health and Safety policies and procedures or your Environmental Management System (EMS) so that it is fully reflective of your business and the standards required of it both now and in the future;

  • Provide site audits and also certification required by law (EPCs, DECs etc)
  • Provide general consultation on any aspect of health and safety or environmental management.

Assist with Housing Health Safety and Rating System (HHSRS) activities.