Stadium Housing Association-WATER

Water Risk Management
Stadium Housing Association
October 2007 - August 2011
Water Risk Management

Stadium Housing Association (Public Sector), part of the Network Housing Group, is a major housing association with landlord and management responsibility for over 8,500 properties.

Frankham provided the following specific services in relation to legionella control:

  • Gap analysis into current health and safety policies and procedures in relation to legionella
  • Provision of a legionella strategy document
  • Provision of legionella training
  • Provision of a web-enabled portal to host and communicate information and reports for Asbestos, Fire-risk, Water (legionella), Electrical, H&S, DDA, Gas and Lifts
  • Contract administration of the appointed legionella consultant
  • Compliance Review of legionella procedures and site auditing

Frankham assisted in improving compliance with legislation, approved codes of practice and other guidance and policy documents by improving knowledge of ‘who does what’ (communication) and quickly identifying where gaps or omissions in policies and procedures were present through the following mechanisms:

Internal Control Questionnaires:

Firstly we identified which positions and responsibilities were currently held against and invited those persons into discussion, with structured interviews held with our Senior Consultants.
Questions were broad ranging and helped to identify initial areas of compliance and ownership, shortfalls, duplication and any areas of confusion.

Compliance Review Document:

This followed the initial interviews and consisted of a in-depth review of all documents: policies and procedures, existing risk assessments and other specific documents such as specifications of contracts etc and consolidated this information with the results of the interviews.The report was in-depth and considered: existence of policy and procedures, completeness of documentation, whether procedures were up-to-date, of the required quality, well communicated, validated, authorised/adopted, executed/implemented, effective in practice, effectively managed, efficient, economic and based on need.
The report was in a clear and concise, colour coded format.

Improvement Strategy:

This was the final report, identifying what needs to be done and by when.

Site Audits:

At a later stage we also carried out site audits on reports produced by other organisations and highlighted adherence or otherwise to the contract supplyc chain and also relevant legislation / guidance.