London Underground Limited-SRM

Strategic Risk Management
London Underground Limited
September 2011 - November 2011
Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Management, Strategic Risk Management

Frankham RMS was appointed to carry out a technical compliance audit for London Underground Limited. A due diligence review was required to assess the current Facilities Management (FM) contract, regarding the compliance, in accordance with contract obligations. The audit ensured that any risks were appropriately identified and managed before commencement of the new contract.

The scope of this audit was to determine the incumbent contractor’s readiness and ability to complete its key contractual obligations in de-mobilisation to ensure that:

  • Operating documentation record management is accurate, reliable and timely
  • Interaction is occurring between the various departments and FM team members   to achieve compliance with external regulatory authorities
  • Employee actions in compliance with polices, procedures, laws and regulations
  • Programs, plans and objectives re the Technical Library handover are achieved
  • Operations are transacted in accordance with sufficient and adequate controls
  • Existing asset registers and information databases are accurate and on target for completeness before mobilisation of the new contract
  • Any threats to the incumbent contractors ability to achieve its objectives during de-mobilisation of the current contract are identified

A report was prepared and shared with both London Underground Limited and the FM contractor detailing the conclusions reached from the audit, identifying non conformances and providing recommendations for improvement. The report was also used by the de-mobilisation team to inform the planning and management process.