Strategic Risk Management
July 2012 - To Present
Business Continuity Management, Strategic Risk Management

Frankham RMS were approached by Lakehouse, a large London based building contractor to provide them with a complete updated Business Continuity Management System in order to help ensure the continuity of their business in the event of an incident.

Frankham RMS took the broad principles outlined within ISO22301 and produced specific business impact analysis reports, risk assessments, detailed business continuity plans, disaster recovery strategies and an overall business continuity management system.

A series of extensive interviews were carried out with various departmental managers from various teams including pre-construction, infrastructure, development, construction, health and safety, operations, marketing, human resources and I.T.  The reviews also considered the interaction with satellite offices and operations, in order to fully understand the potential business continuity issues that might arise, the most effective methods of reducing the risks, wherever possible and the control and communication processes to be followed in the event of an incident materialising.

The final documents produced were in a format designed from the out-set to be extremely user-friendly, specific, comprehensive yet simple and easy to use by everyone.

The result of our involvement for Lakehouse has been reduced possibilities of serious incidents occurring, better resilience in the event of an incident occurring, improved technical processes and a system that provides reassurance to both Lakehouse’s existing and new clients.