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Information Management
Network Stadium Group
May 2009 - To Present
Information Management

Network Stadium has been one of our largest clients for many years, we have been helping and assisting them to maintain compliance for their main areas of risk and communicating this data to their staff, clients and contractors.

They have a portfolio of over 22,000 properties including their associated managing agents and use our online compliance tool, the Risk Portal.
They use the tool to communicate compliance information for all 7 main life areas of risk; Asbestos, Electricity, Fire, Gas, H&S, Lifts and Water.
Network Stadium use the document library facility to store their survey reports, certificates, consignment notes, photos and any other documents that may be required.
The management information section provides KPI information, analysis reports on their current compliance status for each area as well as detailed reports on areas of concern and they are able to track the progress of their survey programs.
The dashboard section provides them with a graphical representation of their current status for each compliance area and illustrates the areas where they are associated risks for their attention.