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Information Management
Gallions Housing Association
December 2011 - To Present
Information Management

Gallions Housing Association originally contracted us to assist them implement their 3rd party asbestos management system. 

After reviewing the system with them it was identified that the system could not deliver all of their requirements and the asbestos information that had been entered over the years was incomplete due to no minimal restrictions being configured when entering data.
In order to assist them in remaining compliant in terms of asbestos Frankham RMS were able to offer them an affordable solution by building them a bespoke asbestos management system that did meet all of their requirements and allow them to communicate this data to their staff, clients and contractors.
Frankham RMS were then asked to perform a data migration exercise by exporting the data from the 3rd party system.  Frankham RMS then used in-house expertise to review this information and look up and extract additional information from the electronic and paper copy reports to make the information more complete and meaningful. Additionally, Frankham RMS also converted all of the paper copy reports to a PDF format and imported all of their survey reports, consignments notes, other documentation as well as photos.