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Information Management
East Thames Group
April 2009 - February 2012
Information Management

Frankham RMS were asked by the East Thames Group to assist them with their 3rd party asbestos management system as we have extensive experience in working with 3rd party asbestos IT systems. 

Frankham RMS were asked initially to configure the asbestos database to their specification, locations, items, scores, etc and to highlight any ACM’s within the database, make survey reports viewable internally and externally, upload a backlog of asbestos surveys and configure the upload template to their required specification.
Further into the project, Frankham RMS were then asked to act as a liaison between the East Thames Group and their asbestos survey company to ensure that their asbestos database exported the survey details in a format that was in alignment with their own and ensure that there was a secure facility in place to allow the survey company to upload the template externally through a secure network connection.
After successfully completing the project, East Thames Group asked Frankham RMS to act as a liaison between East Thames Group and their 3rd party asbestos management system provider to provide a solution that allowed for the asbestos data to be automatically transferred into their asset management system so ACM’s were made available on the maintenance job tickets and any amendments to their property portfolio were transferred from their asset management system to their asbestos database.