Fire Risk Management
January 2008 - To Present
Fire Risk Management

Peabody is a large housing association in London, with 19,000 homes. As an example of a client that we have assisted, our works with Peabody demonstrate well our approach to risk.

Frankham RMS helped to ensure that all their properties comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  Frankham RMS were awarded the contract for carrying out fire risk assessments at all their sites including tower blocks, high rise blocks, low rise blocks, offices, sheltered schemes, agency managed sites as well as their street-side conversions. 

With such a large amount of stock Frankham RMS have worked with their fire safety manager to prioritise properties to be assessed and develop a manageable schedule. Initially the tower blocks and sheltered schemes were fire risk assessed as well as agency managed sites as these were considered to have the highest fire risk and were areas where Peabody felt most exposed. Frankham RMS then put together a schedule for carrying out fire risk assessments for the remainder of their portfolio including all of their commercial properties. It was agreed to carry out 30 fire risk assessments per week. 

Although Frankham RMS were able to complete a larger number of fire risk assessments it was agreed to limit the number as this would enable them to deal with the remedial actions and issue works orders as reports were received. This also ensured the works tallied with their available budget.  Any more fire risk assessment reports received would have made this very difficult to manage.