Octavia Housing-FIRE

Fire Risk Management
Octavia Housing
August 2009 - May 2012
Fire Risk Management

Frankham RMS worked with Octavia Housing reviewing fire risk assessments completed by their health and safety specialists, identifying areas for improvement and helped Octavia Housing develop a new strategy for their fire risk assessment programme.  

Frankham RMS also assisted in the development of their fire safety strategy to ensure that appropriately competent persons were carrying out fire risk assessments (FRAs), dividing properties into different categories and identifying the level of competence required for fire risk assessing properties of varying complexities.
Frankham RMS completed FRAs of the more complex properties and provided fire advice for new build projects. 
Part of the Frankham RMS role was also to sign off the remedial works identified by the FRA.  We worked with Octavia developing guidance documents identifying what to look for when signing off these works and mentored key staff enabling them to carry out the signing off process having gained a suitable level of experience and competence through this mentoring process. Frankham RMS also provided fire safety training to all staff ensuring that they were aware of their responsibilities.