Langley Park School for Boys-FIRE

Fire Risk Management
Langely Park School for Boys
December 2011 - To Present
Fire Risk Management

Frankham RMS have an ongoing relationship with Langley Park School (LPSB) for Boys providing a retained fire advisor to work alongside key staff. 

The relationship began when Frankham RMS assisted LPSB in developing the fire strategy for their new building in December 2011.

Since that time Frankham RMS has continued working with LPSB as a retained fire advisor developing the fire safety management strategy which was implemented when the new building was taken over, carrying out fire risk assessments throughout the new building and other buildings as they were redeveloped, providing fire training to staff and ensuring that all maintenance and servicing regimes are in line with the fire safety strategy and current standards. 

Helen Dillon (Head of Fire Risk Mangement) was seconded to carry out this role as she was fully involved with the development of the strategy at new building stage right through to the occupation of the building. 

This consistency has ensured that the strategy agreed for the new building is understood and adopted by all staff and that fire risk assessments and maintenance and servicing contracts are kept up to date and LPSB are fire compliant.