Frankham Deliver Extraordinary Level of Service:

IMG_3582Asbestos Management Strategy – Frankham Commended for Extraordinary Level of Service:

As a result of the collaborative approach that VINCI Facilities endorses under its National Compliance Framework, Frankham RMS has been commended for the extraordinary level of service it has provided on a Key Account for VINCI, Cancer Research UK.

“…take this opportunity to express my gratitude and delight with the extraordinary level of service Frankham RMS has provided…”

It is not a coincidence that Frankham RMS, in partnership with VINCI Facilities, continue to innovate in new approaches to sharing and managing risk. Frankham RMS, through VINCI Facilities Framework Agreement, provides an exceptional service to its customer’s asbestos management, adding value beyond expectations.

“…every challenge that has been presented, has been met with professionalism and enthusiasm by every one of your employees…”

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