Risk Portal – Total Compliance Management Software

The Risk Portal is an internet-based Frankham RMS application, which allows storage, analysis, and dissemination of vital property compliance information including surveys, reports, remedial actions, policies, certificates and photos.

demo portal

Active with many of our clients the Risk Portal provides a ‘single interface’ for the management of multiple areas of compliance. The Risk Portal can endorse any size of property portfolio, across many industry sectors and can be integrated with most asset management systems.

UpdatePageThe Risk Portal is a vital and efficient tool for any Registered Social Landlord, as it offers the assurance of compliance, whilst reducing the risk of exposure in line with government and regulatory legislations.

The Risk Portal also has the ability to manage ‘user access’ to property information, from; suppliers, clients, contract workers and authorised partners, making the Risk Portal a key software choice for total property compliance.



For further information, visit our demo site http://www.demoriskportal.frankham-rms.com/ or speak with one of the Frankham RMS Team to see how the Risk Portal can reduce your possible compliance exposures.