Compliance Contract Success for Frankham RMS:

Grainger logoFrankham RMS is pleased to announce that it has been successful in its submission for the provision of Health & Safety Compliance Services to Grainger Plc.

Frankham RMS provides authoritative and strategic advice on compliance management; integrating the possible exposures relating to property legislation, health, safety, quality and environmental risk management and facilities outsourcing, operating across many sectors including Housing, providing compliance services to many RSLs and Property Manager Companies, including Grainger Plc.

Aldershot - GraingerGrainger is a specialist residential company operating in the UK and Germany, with a portfolio that extends to £1.8bn of residential property and manages 21,500 properties worth £2.8bn, for its investors and partners.

Frankham RMS offers a unique, be-spoke and personal service, and is very much looking forward to continue to build on the already strong relationship with Grainger.