Frankham RMS teams up with PEMCO:

PEMCOFrankham RMS teams up with PEMCO to strengthen its IS/IT offering within the property compliance arena.


PEMCO manFrankham Risk Management Services are a leading provider of integrated risk management and compliance solutions and they have invested heavily in developing enabling software to supplement their consultancy offering to provide their clients with technologies that allow them to manage the plethora of legislation and regulation that impact them. Frankham RMS have recently formed a strategic partnership with PEMCO a management support services company, who provide safety management, property & facilities management, training and specialist media services.

It was the training and specialist media services that initially attracted Frankham RMS to PEMCO, but the relationship soon began to identify business opportunities that allowed these two powerful brands to realise their combined potential.

John Powell“We are delighted to have teamed up with PEMCO to further our expansion into the compliance technology market. PEMCO have developed some leading edge technology solutions that will enhance the RMS brand and strengthen our position to deliver an integrated compliance offering”.

John Powell, Managing Director Frankham RMS.


Keith West“Our relationship with Frankham RMS has grown from a simple subcontractor supplier relationship – Frankham RMS has always undertaken asbestos assessment services on behalf of PEMCO clients – to a full mutual trading arrangement whereby we both openly service existing shared clients and collaborate on future commercial opportunities. The respective strengths of our two organisations complement each other perfectly and this can only lead to a better and more integrated range of services for our clients”. 

                                          Keith West, Managing Director PEMCO.

The driven approach of Frankham RMS, combined with the focus of PEMCO will enhance the continued high standard results that Frankham delivers, creating bespoke packages to suit individual clients’ requirements which ensures that its clients exposure is minimised through the effective management of risk. Frankham RMS maintains strategic alliances with leaders throughout various industries, to fully realise the value of their property assets by reducing exposure by managing risk.