2004-2014:                     Frankham RMS Commemorate its 10th Year in the Risk & Compliance Business!


J.Powell 2014Managing Director, JOHN POWELL, reflects on the last decade….

“When I started the risk management business back in 2004, I was determined to promote ICM (Integrated Compliance Management) as the effective way of leveraging real value, within the industry.

With the plethora of regulation and legislation that impacts the built environment, it is unsurprising that organisations struggle navigating a path which reduces and manages exposure to risk.

Frankham, S Prof Photo StraightMy vision was to provide the industry with effective tools (systems & processes), which enable organisations to gain control in this challenging area. With this in mind, I needed a like minded individual to support this vision and I was fortunate enough to meet STEVE FRANKHAM, Chairman of Frankham Consultancy Group.

Steve embraced my vision and provided me with a platform to take my ideas to market. I remain indebted to Steve for his foresight and belief that together we could make a difference, a truly inspirational person.

It all started from a desk in the Frankham Chislehurst office where we established Frankham Risk Management Services (Frankham RMS) as a provider of integrated GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance).

In the first year our turnover was a mere £68K, however year on year we have grown from strength to strength to become a leading provider of GRC Services. Turnover for 2014/15 is anticipated to exceed £2M and projections suggest further growth and expansion within the buoyant GRC market.

                                          HOUSING SECTOR COLLABORATION:
Housing 1 310x170One of our initial clients Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP), were indeed pioneers, also having the vision of GRC as an integrated process. Linda Wallace, former Head of Asset Management at RHP, shared a similar passion for compliance management and the systems and processes developed with her and introduced at RHP, formed the foundation for the GRC model within the housing sector. Frankham RMS have subsequently refined this model accordingly, to be transferable across other business sectors.

The success of Frankham RMS is of course due to Team Work, I just steer the ship! I have an incredible team of people that work with me. Every member of the Frankham RMS Team and my colleagues within the Frankham Consultancy Group, are skilled and qualified professionals whose customer care and attention to detail is paramount. It is because of this, Frankham has built a renowned reputation for quality.

Thumbs up2014 AND BEYOND:
We are working in challenging times and clients rightly expect innovative solutions to assist them in reducing the cost burden of compliance management. Property and compliance management can be expensive and inevitably have a marked affect on net yields from an investment perspective. Reducing the cost of management increases yields and adds value to our customers, so the ‘Frankham’ ethos and the solutions provided are shaped upon this premise.

Our work is not just about developing solutions, we are passionate in raising awareness of GRC and the positive impact that effective GRC can have for an organisation. We’ve spent a lot of time collaborating with procurement professions to help shape their ideas around GRC. It is inspiring to see more and more opportunities coming to market that reflect our ethos through integrated offerings.

Frankham RMS, being leaders in this field, have steadfastly put in place the necessary building blocks to respond to these opportunities. Our current success with Vinci Facilities to provide National Consultancy Service, and our continued Compliance service to Transport for London and our integrated Health & Safety service model to Grainger plc, are testament to this.

There is still much to do, however, we truly believe Frankham RMS are making a significant contribution and difference in shaping the future of integrated GRC for our customers and the industry as a whole.

Both myself and the Team at Frankham RMS are delighted to reach this milestone and we are so proud that the business has grown so successfully.”

Frankham RMS would like to sincerely thank our Clients and Partners who have supported us along the way. We look forward to the next Decade!!!