Fire Training for Housing Association Staff….. Making Your Organisation Safer:

ConsultationSpeakerThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RR(FS)O) requires the responsible person to ensure that appropriate fire safety training is provided to all employees. Whilst this is a legal obligation, fire safety training can also help to reduce your risk profile by creating a more “fire safe” and “fire aware” culture within your organisation. As an example we see lower instances of storage in communal areas and better management of servicing contracts when fire safety training has taken place.

Who Needs Training?
The Board – Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order Overview for Senior Managers; The Board need to be aware of their responsibilities under the RR(FS)O, our training/presentations outline the basic requirements of the legislation with pointers for compliance and guidance on how to delegate the responsibilities and ensure the obligations are met at all levels within your organisation.

Frankham Risk Management have been accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers as an approved training center. An IFSM approved centre is a training establishment or training centre where relevant courses of an acceptable standard are delivered. We have been accredited following an auditing process by the IFSM which included their attendance at our training sessions. Our accreditation is a mark of the quality processes that are employed in the provision of our training sessions.

Specific Responsibilities:
Any persons with specific fire safety responsibilities must be provided with an adequate level of training, your staff may be asked to carry out fire marshal roles or carry out estate inspections, check fire safety systems, emergency lighting or fire doors. They may be asked to check that appropriate “zero tolerance” or “managed approach” systems are enforced. This is not always easy and staff will need to be provided with the necessary tools to carry this out effectively. Bespoke training may be necessary or on site practical exercises carried out.

SHE_Hi-Vis_Worker_Discussion 1000x420Sheltered Scheme Managers may have additional responsibilities where there are vulnerable residents who may need additional support in the event of a fire. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans must be produced for any residents that are unable to self evacuate, it may be the responsibility of the scheme manager to produce these in consultation with the residents. This task is not easy and needs an appropriate approach to ensure that suitable and accurate information is obtained in an unobtrusive manner and the resident needs to be encouraged to make suggestions that are appropriate to their abilities and needs. Appropriate instruction and coaching can aid this process.

General Fire Safety Awareness:
All staff should be provided with general fire safety awareness which should include how to identify fire risks and an understanding of control measures in place to remove/reduce or manage this risk. General fire precautions and company policies and procedures should be explained including action to be taken in the event of a fire or alarm sounding.

Types of Courses Provided by Frankham RMS:

  • Computer_Screen_RiskPorta 1000x420Fire Risk Awareness and Assessment Review
  • Fire Safety PEEPS Training for Scheme Managers
  • Fire Safety Management Training – Housing
  • Fire Safety Awareness – Sheltered Schemes
  • Fire Marshal Training – Scheme Managers
  • Enhanced Fire Awareness Training
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order Overview for Senior Managers

Bespoke courses can be produced to provide additional information specific to your organisation, including individual policies and procedures, this often includes specific site visits and practical exercises.

For further information of Fire Safety Management or to discuss Fire Safety Training options, please contact: Helen Dillon Head of Fire Risk Management on 0208 309 7777 or