Fire Safety Awareness in the Education Sector:

As schools and academies become increasingly responsible for their own health and safety how do they ensure an appropriate level of fire safety is achieved? Who is carrying out the fire safety checks and risk assessments, are they suitably qualified and are there appropriate processes in place?

Fire_Alarm 1000x420Fire Drills:
Schools and academies will generally have good procedures in place for carrying out fire drills on a regular basis to ensure that all staff and students know the action to be taken in the event of a fire or alarm sounding. Provision must be made for students requiring additional assistance, this could include disabled or special educational needs, don’t forget to extend this to staff where applicable. Hearing and visual impairments may also need specific provision, these provisions and procedures should also be tested during drills.

CIMG1327Prevention Better than Cure – What Are the Fire Risks?
The “cure” to a fire in this sense is the evacuation, ensuring staff and students alike are safely away from the building containing the fire.

But what about prevention – preventing a fire from starting?
Are staff and students aware of the fire risks and are appropriate measures in place to control them?


The following areas may have high fire risks:

        • Laboratories

        • Kitchens

        • Plant Rooms

        • Staff Rooms

        • Reprographics

        • Workshops

        • Boiler Rooms

        • Server Rooms

        • Sensory Suites

        • Sports Equipment Storage Areas

        • Theatres & Lighting Boxes

        • Leisure Facilities


CIMG1330Whilst fire risks will probably be well managed in laboratories and workshops where there will be trained technicians and students made aware of the risks, what about areas such as sports equipment areas – will staff be aware of the additional fire risk from floor mats and other such equipment? We often find sensory suites with material hanging from lights.


Staff would really benefit from additional training helping them to identify fire risks and remove those that can be avoided.

Frankham Risk Management is developing a range of training tools for use within the education sector to raise the awareness of fire risks.